Boundless Glory


BoundlessGlory is a itinerant ministry dedicated to empowering and equipping people everywhere with the revelation of God’s Glory and embedding a kingdom mind set and culture within the lives of the people and the nations. God intended for every human being that has ever breathed, a life that is full of everything good. He consummated this divine purpose in His Son Jesus who is the exact image of God and the perfect representation of His Being.

God’s Glory is God’s weighty goodness where He chooses to exert His goodness on, in, for and through any situation, person or thing. Also, when any creature expresses the purpose for which it was designed and created, it glorifies God as Creator and Designer.

Good is the highest qualitative noun and verb that can express His Nature, Character and Person. His Son came and lived to demonstrate this goodness in order that by the Holy Spirit we might be worthy recipients of His goodness. BoundlessGlory is totally committed to disseminating and dispensing God’s goodness through every medium possible.

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