Night Of Glory – 16 October 2015

Venue: St. Matthias Church Centre, Burley, Leeds LS4 2DZ
Date: 16th October 2015
Time: 6pm

“The Manifestation of the Sons of God is not just a future occurrence but also OUR PRESENT REALITY. God is unveiling our identity to us by His Spirit so that we can show forth Christ in and through us. This is our HIGH CALLING in Christ!!! When we know WHO WE ARE, the whole of creation is released into that same glory. Your identity is key to living the SUPERNATURAL LIFE!!! Come along to the NIGHT OF GLORY, invite a friend, bring a colleague & we’ll see SIGNS, WONDERS & MIRACLES AS WE BASK IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD.”

Chris MaguireSPEAKER: CHRIS MAGUIRE, UK Director for John G Lake Ministries. Chris is passionate in training people on how to heal the sick and walk in the power they already have. John G Lake ministries have seen hundreds of thousands of healings worldwide.

cath and angusWORSHIP: CATH & ANGUS MUSIC. They have a heart for creating a culture of passionate, authentic worship, for  encouraging and enabling deeper church unity through worship and long for everyone to know the wild, intimate love of God…

Hosts: BoundlessGlory Ministries Leeds and House of God Ministries Coventry



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