Faith Unshakable! 2017


God is crazy about us. How much of that do we know? He is ever so constant and his kindness more than our minds can fathom or ever imagine. He is crazy about me, he is madly in love with me and desires that I become all that I have been destined and created to be.

I have often considered, “why then do we struggle with the ability to apply this awesome, great love to our everyday life??”, “Why do we fail to live the life that we have been created to live – the supernatural life, the life of God in us!!”, “Why is it in most cases and situations we find ourselves in, we dare to doubt and question He who is Love?” Forgetting that His very essence and nature is Love.

I finally figured it out, the problem is and has never been with God, the problem is with us and our ability to understand that FAITH works by LOVE- A DEEP knowing and conviction that it is impossible for God and the WORD to fail and that His love for us is the basis for our confidence in him!! Instead, our ‘faith’ pays more attention to the process we are going through which automatically and unfortunately becomes our focal point – this is the thought process that causes us to question His Love!! The truth is that true faith does not get moved by or does it pay attention to the process because its ultimate focus is on the end result – the WORD – what God has said!

I believe as we grow into a full understanding of His GREAT love for us and our love is perfected in him, fear disappears and we become bolder in the face of the oppositions and challenges we find ourselves in – they become ‘light’ afflictions. We will then begin to tread and walk the same path of Glory like the patriarchs did- who irrespective of what they faced, heard, felt and saw remained undaunted!! We learn to response to these things…to life from a superior position knowing who we are in Christ and filled with LOVE unshakeable” – that is the life of the New Creation- me and you!!!

Amy Laotan 🙂 

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