KINNA: Kingdom Initiative for Africa:
Anthony Laotan and Albert Sitebro, long-term friends since both were members of Word Herald Assembly, a campus Christian fellowship group at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, felt stirred in their hearts a calling from God to reform, pray, train and build up people who will be able to influence Africa, inspire and initiate change from a kingdom perspective.

Just a few weeks before Dr Myles Munroe passed unto Glory, both had a deep sense for praying for Africa and the Leadership issues/challenges it faces. They both spoke and discussed how they had been inspired by Dr Munroe’s book called “The Burden of Freedom” and felt compelled to set up a kingdom oriented ministry and movement. They both set up a Facebook page and regularly share updates, prayers and word of prophecy received for Africa.

The mission: To bring Africa under the spotlight of the Kingdom of God, inspiring like minds to begin to identify, inspire and initiate change within their spheres of influence.

Our Objectives:

1. Inspiring prayer for Africa as a whole more regularly.

2. Promoting a Paradigm shift in Culture – from Survival mode to Transformation through Kingdom values.

3. Showcasing Africa and all its potential and productivity.

4. Investing in a generation that can take Africa to its ‘Promised Land’.

5. Proclaiming the Good News all over Africa so that the “kingdoms of Africa become the kingdoms of God..”

 6. Fostering a spirit of creativity and enterprise that will generate home-grown businesses and industries innately boosting local and national economies.

7. Mentoring the next generation of Leadership.

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