Meet The Team


Anthony envisions an Africa that will emerge from the doldrums of ignorance and victimisation it has been subjected to for centuries. He believes strongly that a kingdom mindset and culture is the antidote to  many issues faced by the average African. Having worked with young people in the UK for a decade, Anth is passionate about raising and equipping the next generation of leaders both within and outside Africa.  Other ministerial interests include reading, writing, travelling and spending time with family and friends


 One of Amy’s (aka Didi) passion is to see Africa arise from the ashes of ignorance and limitation and take it’s rightful position as a people loved by God and fashioned with GREAT purpose and zeal that never gives up, to see it’s women and children empowered to believe more in themselves, walk independently  and confident that they are sons and daughters of the Most High God and knowing their identity is rooted in Christ and his finished work NOT in their past and/or history. This is not just limited to Africans but to the world and everyone that can be reached with the message of Christ and the Kingdom. Outside her calling and work, Amy enjoys watching cartoons with her children, cooking and spending time with her 3 beautiful children and husband.



Albert believes that the people of Africa are capable of much more than they are given credit for. We just need more young, courageous leaders to rise up and take responsibility. Those who aren’t afraid to do what’s right against all odds, a quality that comes with a relationship with God. Albert is a freelance software developer and IT consultant who uses his knowledge of online media channels to support the work of proclaiming the gospel of God’s kingdom. He is a life-long learner who enjoys studying and teaching, photography and travel.

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