Statement of Faith

Our statement of faith is based on the finished work of Christ.

  • We believe in One God, Eternal, Three-in-One, Creator and Sustainer of all things
  • We believe God created humanity in His image to rule and manage all that He has created and to extend His Kingdom over all
  • We believe that humanity fell short of the Glory of God through sin and all of creation became subject to sin and death from then onwards
  • We believe God, in spite of sin, demonstrated the extent of his love for us by taking up human flesh and dying the death of sinful humanity
  • We believe redemption is available to every human being now and always through the death and resurrection of Jesus from the dead
  • We believe there is  a new creation of beings; a new species, a new breed! Grace-conscious, blood-bought and Spirit-filled whom God has predestined for Glory
  • We believe humanity, through faith in God’s Grace, are being restored to God’s Glory
  • We believe in Jesus Christ and his imminent return to set up the Kingdom of God upon the earth as it is in heaven.















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