Word of the Lord for 2015

***Happy New Year! God speaks ALL the time! That’s why He’s called the WORD!!! At this time of the year, we all hear from Him and He delights in releasing unique and specific words through us all. We all don’t receive ALL He has to say at any one time but when we piece together ALL that He has said, we have a DIVINE TEMPLATE for His intentions and purposes in time. These words, just like any other, are not for scrutiny but for meditation and revelation. If nothing resonates with you, please feel free to ignore BUT if it does, please pay close attention and HOLD FAST to them. God bless you! ***

I received revelation about 2015 in two parts; first through a vision (picture impressed upon my imagination by the Holy Spirit) and some words in the first half of 2014 and second, lots and lots of words towards the end of 2014..

The vision I had was about an eagle soaring above the clouds. From that view, it looked like commotion below, like war but serene above. As I thought about this picture, I heard the following words;

“Have I not said that it’s a year of rest? Have I not said that it’s a year of the eagle? A year to soar! Just like the eagle, you’ll be able to see further and greater even as you’ll see your prey afar off and quickly sniff it out. You’ll always catch your enemy unawares and he’ll never be able to outsmart you. This is a season to change lanes! A season to be swift; swift to seize opportunities and have no room for procrastination.” 

The Holy Spirit gave me a couple of more words just before the old year (2014) ran out…

“The year 2015 will be the year of the ‘leaven’. It will be a year where I will infiltrate and influence everything like the leaven (yeast) influences the dough. I’ll saturate everything and you’ll begin to see the beginnings of Micah 4 (vv1-5) where the world/heathen/ those that don’t know me yet will look for my mountain and run up into it. There will be an anxious desperation for people to find me and to know my ways. Churches will surge as these explorers besiege the Church, however, only Churches that are prepared and ready to advance will be able to contain these people. I’ll raise them up strong and ready to advance towards the kingdom of darkness, they will trample upon serpents,scorpions and over all power of the enemy. I’ll be with them, in front of them and their back. Their initial advance may seem slow but it will quickly gain momentum.

It’s time for good positioning! says the Lord. Align your mouth and mind with your spiritual reality for by these miracles pour forth like the surge of an ocean wave. A tsunami of blessings will hit the earth like never before. It’ll be a holy moment before the Lord. The shaking continues; all that’s fragile will crack up like glass, however, out of the fragments will rise a true reflection of my glory. All the distortions of my image and glory must stop, the earth must know my glory from one end of the seas to the other for I am He who stretched the heavens like a canopy and I am spreading forth a table before you, a feast of fat things on my mountain!!! It’s a day of feasting, a day Justice will prevail and the enemies of the Lord will be swallowed up in victory.”

As the year unfolds over the next few days and weeks, we can explore together these words and receive all that the Lord intended them for. Enjoy!

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